We all know that Travis Rice likes to push the boundaries of snowboarding, with the likes of The Art of Flight and other big budget movies he is leading the line.

Now he takes snowboarding competitions a step further with the creation of Red Bull Supernatural, hailing the future of snowboarding.  During the summer of 2011 Rice and a group of grizzly chainsaw weilding lumberjacks transformed an area of the Baldface Catboarding operation with some insane features. 

Now the snow has fallen, these features have transformed the area in to an amazing natuaral terrain park ready to be sessioned by 18 of the worlds top riders from the 3rd to the 8th of February. 

Watch this space its set to be epic. 

Sorry I couldnt get a copy of the video to embed, but click through for an interview with Travis Rice, once I can get one I’ll post it up.  Enjoy.