Here is a little insight in to our friends over at the Warren Smith Ski Academy.  Warren and his team headed out to Snowbird in for their first Freeski Camp in the US resort.

‘SNOWING IN SNOWBIRD! It was a great start to the day when we looked out the window at breakfast to see that almost 10 inches of snow had come down overnight. What was even better was skiing in it and really getting our first taste of the super dry and light Snowbird powder snow! Today was day 3 of the Academy Freeski Camp and the groups were buzzing. For me it feels like the amazing Japan powder but with the awesome steep terrain. We’ve already committed to next years dates for the camps on today experience! ‘

ACADEMY TEAM SKI TO END AN EPIC DAY! So many nice turns made today in Snowbird. Great snow and lots of steep terrain. After the coaching finished today with the Academy groups all the coaching team got together for a freeski for the last hour. You can hear what Rob Stanford and Phil Hopper have to say about Snowbird.